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Alternatiba, a new, determined generation standing up for climate

COP21: a month of intense mobilizations for Alternatiba’s activists   Despite a very busy year – namely marked by the organization of about a hundred villages of climate-friendly alternatives, which gathered hundreds of thousands of citizens, and of an Alternatiba…


Let’s declare the state of climate emergency!

COP21 negotiators are failing to answer this essential term of reference. Conversely, the country greenhouse gas emissions reduction pledges would induce an average global temperature increase of 3ºC, which would irreversibly drive us into climate chaos. The lack of legally…


Call for a mass citizen gathering to declare the state of climate emergency!

Friends of the Earth France, Attac France, Alternatiba, Action Non Violente COP21,  Bizi!, Confédération Paysanne, Coordination de l’Action Non-Violente de l’Arche, Coordination Nationale Pas Sans Nous, Droit Devant !!, Ecologitas en Accion, Emmaüs Lescar Pau, End Ecocide, Mouvement pour une…


Climate Emergency: Massive Gathering in Montreuil – the Global Village of Alternatives is Huge Success

The real solutions to climate change are everywhere, the 28 000 visitors to the Global Village of Alternatives in Montreuil can affirm it! This weekend 28 000 people visited the 11 thematic zones of the Global Village of Alternatives in…


Financing the social and ecological transition: International call for the civic requisition of chairs!

International call for the civic requisition of chairs Tax havens are a black hole of global finance where at least 20 trillions of dollars vanish (according to Tax Justice Network). While global negotiations on climate are stalled on the question…


196 civil society representatives from around the world expected at the 196 Chairs Summit!

196 international delegates of the civil society, representing a diversity of cultures and movements committed to fighting climate change, are expected to sit at the 196 Chairs Summit on 6th December (12:00—13:00), during the Climate Forum in Montreuil (in the…


Crank it up for Climate Justice!

  People lined the streets of Paris in their thousands on Sunday, forming a human chain from La République to Nation and calling for action on climate change. Organised by Alternatiba, Attac and other organisations in the climate justice movement,…


Call to maintain citizen demonstrations for the climate

Let’s build an enduring world of justice and solidarity   The people of Paris and Beirut have suffered horrific massacres. We express our deep sadness and our solidarity with all the victims as well as our determination to stand upright…

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