17 People Attended First Meeting

17 people attended the first public meeting on Alternatiba Todmorden, Village of Possibilities for Tackling Climate Change with a view to holding it in 2015. The meeting, held on Sunday 2nd November, consisted of a presentation of the climate crisis and of Alternatiba Bayonne before everyone was invited to voice their opinion on a similar festival of climate alternatives in Todmorden next year and although the idea was new to many people, the meeting was constructive.

The next meeting will be held at 5pm on Sunday 16th November at the Todmorden Resource Centre, next to Lever Street car park and about 5 minutes from Todmorden station.

On the agenda for discussion:

  • The date of Alternatiba Todmorden
  • The call for Alternatiba Todmorden and who we can ask to sign it
  • What needs to be done and who wants to do what

All welcome.