Alternatiba Gironde’s Call

To answer climate emergency, let’s turn the principle of living well into a reality together!  1


 Bordeaux, 27th November 2013,


Since the industrial revolution, the health condition of the planet has been declining at a frenetic rate and thus contributing to the reinforcement of inequalities. Under the pressure of human activities, natural resources are getting scarce, biodiversity is being eroded, soils are turning artificial, chemical and toxic pollution are increasing, water quality is decreasing whereas waste is accumulating. Some major issues have started to emerge, such as climate change, nuclear risk, GMOs, and ecological emergency is a reality that scientific indicators remind us every day.


The 5th report of the International panel of experts on climate change (IPCC) released on September 2013 is very clear : if we do not act in a significant way in order to reduce global greenhouse gases emissions, the average temperature could increase up to 5,5°C from now to the end of the century. In other words, we are far from the + 2°C threshold not to exceed so as to avoid a runaway climate change. The consequences would be dramatic for all territories and populations, and more particularly the most vulnerable ones.

A radical change of orientation to combine social justice and the ecological imperative


Even though successive governments « generously » give in some little measures, it is obviously not enough. Indeed, to face ecological and climate emergency, the policy of one step at a time is outdated and a radical change of system is required.


On October 2013, Alternatiba Bayonne successfully launched the beginning of the mobilisation and called for the multiplication of other initiatives until the International Conference on Climate Change that will be held in Paris in 2015 (Conference of the Parties-COP 21).


This is the reason why we have also decided to organise a joyful mobilization aimed at claiming for change, which will take place in Bordeaux (capital of the Gironde region) during the autumn 2014: an « Alternatiba Gironde » that will take the form of a village where will be found utopian ideas turned into reality as well as numerous individual, collective and territorial initiatives and actions aimed at facing the ecological and social crisis.


Its objective is triple:


  • Inform regarding climate emergency and the need to decrease quickly and drastically our greenhouse gases emissions. Raise awareness on the dramatic consequences of the possible absence of an ambitious and fair international agreement on climate. On this specific point, the challenge is to mobilise massively for the COP 21 that will take place in France in 2015.

  • Call for a quick commitment for transition in order to answer social and ecological emergency.

  • Target indifference and resignation showing that a lot of solutions do exist and that they create jobs and defend a friendly and united world, both at the international and local levels.


It is also necessary to condemn the wrong industrial choices (nuclear energy, agrofuels, non-conventional hydrocarbons, carbon markets, GMOs, geoengineering, etc.) defended by promoters that, most of the time, are the main beneficiaries. In the end, all these false solutions turn out to be inefficient, expensive and dangerous. Besides, they also prevent real solutions such as sobriety, reuse and renewable energies to emerge and expand.


It is high time to bring forward the numerous alternatives and different projects carried out locally by individuals, organisations, cooperatives, local governments, etc, and that enable to reduce both the climatic footprint and social inequalities. If it succeeds in taking importance, this deep social movement will contribute to generate in fine the “living well together”.


The concerned areas and solutions to imagine are many and varied : sobriety and renewable energies, territories in transition, relocalisation of the economy, the fight against energetic precarity, social and solidarity economy, peasant agriculture, ethical finance, international solidarity, waste reduction, recovery and reuse, individual know-how, riding bicycles, walking, using sustainable mobility, ecological habitats, the fight against the artificialisation of soils, the fight against large useless imposed projects, the defense of biodiversity, the promotion of free software culture, the resistance to publicity aggression, art and ecology, etc.


If you feel concerned, do not hesitate in joining the Alternatiba gironde dynamic.


Alternatives do exist, they only need to be reinforced, developed and multiplied!

As an association, group or organisation, you can sign and support the call. Thanks for sending an email to :
If you do not belong to an organization but want to join us, please, fill in the contact form and you will be welcome as well!


Freely inspired by the Alternatiba Bayonne call (October 2013)