The Alternatiba Tour: Who is it for?

For us all! 

For those who feel concerned about global warming, its consequences and its solutions. For those who support the dynamic of a new society which integrates more alternatives for the climate, for campaigners, parents…

For associations, collectives, firms, groupes which feel concerned about Alternatiba’s field of actions and the Alternatiba’s Tour message.

You can join us in several ways !

We need 100, 500, 1000 volunteers, allocated all along the journey (and even beyond!) to help us prepare each steps of this big collective adventure. Can you ride your bike around your place to help us locate the best roads or places for display? Are you kind of a handyman, or comfortable with computers and social media? You do not have a lot of time, but you can accommodate cyclists when they stop close to your house? There are thousands ways to help the Alternatiba Tour. even those who do not live close can help.

If you want to be a volunteer on the tour, click here…

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