Alternatiba is a citizens Villages of Alternatives where individual, collective, local and systemic alternative solutions to climate change and the energy crisis are promoted. Alternatiba’s goals are :

  • Spread the message of climate emergency, raise awareness amongst the general public and elected politicians about the necessity to rapidly and radically cut our greenhouse gas emissions, highlight the dramatic consequences of not reaching an ambitious, effective, binding and fair international agreement on climate change at COP21 ;
  • Fight the probable feeling of resignation, helplessness and therefore the demobilisation which could be triggered by the seriousness and importance of the climate challenge; show that solutions exist, that they are ready to be implemented, that they can create jobs and are likely to help us build a friendlier, more human and more united world ;
  • Call on everyone to implement without delay the necessary social, energy and ecological transitions, i order to avoid the deep and irreversible consequences of climate change..

Far from the false solutions – unfair, unsafe and inefficient – promoted by some (geo­engineering, GMOs, agro­fuels, carbon markets, compensation mechanisms, nuclear power), there are thousands of alternatives to climate change that are implemented by millions of individuals, organisations and local authorities at many different levels.

Small scale agriculture, responsible consumption, local circuits, relocation of the economy, redistribution of work and wealth, social and ecological reconversion of economic production, ethical finance, the protection of the commons like water, soil, and forest, sustainable fishing, food sovereignty, solidarity and reciprocity, repair and recycling, waste reduction, environmental friendly and sustainable means of transportation, eco­renovation, fight against urban sprawl and artificialisation of soil, sustainable land planning, conservation of agricultural lands, protection of biodiversity, energy efficiency and energy frugality, renewable energies, local energy and climate action plans, transition towns, environmental education, and so forth…

Alternatives exist, they just need to be reinforced, developed and multiplied! This is how each one can continue to change things concretely at its own level and strengthen the overall dynamic, the awareness of general public, and restore the balance of power so that the right decisions are taken at the local and global level.

Alternatiba is a politically independent initiative. Each Alternatiba is free to apply for grants offered by local authorities or by different institutions, but in the express condition that such subsidies are not subject to any political condition or compensation from Alternatiba organisers.

Alternatiba initiatives work to pave the way for more human interaction and world solidarity. This objective is therefore totally incompatible with xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, exclusionary, discriminatory, anti­democratic or violent ideas or behaviours.


Let’s build Together,

a better world

by tackling the Climate challenge !

«“The disruption of the climate is happening faster than ever, threatening the poorest populations of the planet, and conditions for civilised life on Earth on the medium term.

However, solutions to climate change exist, the voices of energy transition keep multiplying. Solutions are already experimented by thousands of communities, individuals, cities and regions around the planet. On a day to day basis these thousands of alternatives contribute, to build more frugal, more human, friendlier and more united societies.

Come to discover them at Alternatiba, the Village of Alternatives which will take place in Bayonne on Sunday, 6th of October 2013, some days after the publication of the 5th report of the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Change.
Let’s build a better world together by tackling the climate challenge ! »

Stéphane Hessel, patron of Alternatiba, December 19th 2012

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