G7 summit: call for a portrait march

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G7 summit: call for a portrait march

Sunday 25 August at 10am in the old town of Bayonne

Associations Alternatiba, ANV-COP21 and Bizi are organizing a “portrait march” for climate and social justice on Sunday 25 August at 10am in the old town of Bayonne during the G7 summit held in Biarritz.

We call on those who are demanding that the political action match the pretty speeches on climate and social justice, and who are willing to rally in a non-violent manner exclusively, to join us at the march. It will lead to a large press conference to be held at 10:30am in an old town location that will be made public at 10am (follow the hashtag #DécrochonsMacron or stay alert to what will be told that morning in the old town).

The press conference will gather figures and specialists of the climate movement on the theme: “Climate & social justice: Macron is failing, let’s take him down!” It will address the actual climate action taken by President Macron. It will focus on showing the international press the large gap between the French government’s actual policy in terms of social and ecological transition, as well as the so-called objectives for the year 2050 and the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

There is a huge gap between Emmanuel Macron’s “Make our planet great again” speeches on the international stage and his government’s concrete and daily actions; we urge him to bridge this gap immediately.

Some of the official portraits of President Macron that were removed over the past months across various symbolic French cities will make an apparition during the press conference. As the police and the gendarmerie are actively searching for these portraits, we ask those who are willing to do so to confuse the situation by bringing along a frame of your own, whatever the image, that you will have previously wrapped. Go to the old town holding your wrapped frame and come together to the press conference location once it has been made public.

To join the portrait march, you must imperatively show your face and be completely non-violent, whatever the police reaction may be. We thank you for your participation, your support and your commitment to demanding massive and immediate change in climate policies.

ANV-COP21 (Action Non-Violente COP21), Alternatiba, Bizi

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