A foretaste of the program

The first confirmed names and events !


5:30pm: Bal Folk

11:30pm: DJ Bruselo


11:00 am: Conference “Time is runing out !”  at La Tentation

1:00 pm: Conferences “Inséparables : social justice and environmental conservation” at La Tentation“The deterioration of the environment threatens our health” at De Markten

3:30 pm: Let’s talk about the COP 21 ! at Central stage

8 pm: Concert HK et les Saltimbanks


Some more info about the concerts, events and conferences very soon !

From Saturday afternoon to sunday night, 8 thematic spaces to discover: Energy, Ecohabitat, Climate, Economy, Goods & Services, Agriculture, Transport & Mobility, Democracy, and a kids’ corner !


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